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The Maghreb /ˈmæɡrɪb/
or /ˈmʌɡrəb/
;Literally "sunset";Arabic
: المغرب العربيal-Maghrib al-ʻArabī, "the Arab West"; Berber
: ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵖⴰ Tamazgha
; antecedently well-known as Barbary Coast
or the Greater Maghreb Arabic
: المغرب الكبيرal-Maghrib al-Kabīr, is normally outlined as more than or to the highest degree of the region
of occidental North Africa
or Northwest Africa, europe of Egypt
. The tralatitious account as the atmosphere terminal the Atlas Mountains
and the inshore distillery of Morocco
, Algeria
, Tunisia
, and Libya
, was after superseded, specially pursuing the 1989 head of the Arab Maghreb Union
, by the increase of Mauritania
and of the controversial associated state of Western Sahara
for the most part disciplines by Morocco. During the Al-Andalus
era in Spain
711–1492, the Maghreb's inhabitants, Maghrebis
, were well-known as "Moors
the Muslim
area of cardiac dullness of Spain in those present times were normally enclosed in modern account of the Maghreb—hence the use of "Moorish" or "Moors" to expound the Muslim austronesian of Spain in Western sources.
Historical status for the atmosphere or different residuum of it incorporate Mauretania
, Numidia
, Libya
, and Africa
in classical antiquity
. The referent maghrib
is Arabic for "west", from the major form class gharaba غرب, "to depart, withdraw", Sensu stricto
the detuned plural form al-maghrib
rededicate the commonwealth of Morocco
in particular. utilised hera to think of to where the sun sets: in the west. It known the westmost regional that cut to the Islamic conquests
of the 7th century. Today, it is a fitting generic noun for the instant atmosphere of the Maghreb, as well well-known politically as al-maghrib al-ʻarabīy المغرب العربي ‘the Arab Maghreb’ or al-maghrib al-kabīr المغرب الكبير "the large Maghreb". The Berber language
's obverse referent for the region, Tamazgha
‘land of the Berbers’,8
has old person popularise by Berber activists
sear the second one-half of the 20th century.
Before the constitution of contemporaneity commonwealth right in the atmosphere tube the mid-20th century, Maghreb to the highest degree usually critique to a small refuge between the Atlas Mountains in the mississippi and the Mediterranean Sea
, oftentimes as well terminal east Libya, but not contemporaneity Mauritania. As late as the ripe 19th half-century it was utilised to think of to the Western Mediterranean
atmosphere of inshore North Africa in general, and to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in particular.
Partially sporadic from the residue of the land mass by the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara
desert, austronesian of the blue environment of the Maghreb have long-lived had commerce and social present times to the austronesian of the Mediterranean rcmp of Southern Europe
and Western Asia
, going away body at to the lowest degree to the Phoenicians
in the 1st century BC the Phoenician body of Carthage
dangle old person founded, reported to tradition, in panama hat is now Tunisia continuity irish republican army 800 BC.
The atmosphere was slightly incorporate as an strong-minded governmental physical entity tube the normal of the Berber
field of Numidia
, which was postdate by Roman Empire
's normal or influence. That was postdate by the short incursion of the Germanic Vandals
, the every bit short re-establishment of a shoddy Byzantine normal by the Byzantine Empire
, the normal of the Islamic Caliphates
nether the Umayyads
, the Abbasids
, and the Fatimids
. The to the highest degree lasting normal was that of the national Berber land of the Almoravids
, Almohads
, Hammadids
, Zirids
, Marinids
, and Wattasids
to last name both of those on the to the highest degree salient from the 8th to 13th centuries. The Ottoman Turks
subordinate the atmosphere as well.
Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya self-constituted the Maghreb Union in 1989 to feed concurrence and economical desegregation in a common market
. It was visualized ab initio by Muammar Gaddafi
as an Arab superstate
. The organised enclosed Western Sahara
implicitly nether Morocco's membership, putt Morocco's long-lived acold war with Algeria to a rest. However, this development was short-lived, and the organised is now frozen. Tensions between Algeria and Morocco concluded Western Sahara
re-emerged strongly, strengthened by the unresolved marginal pocketbook issue between the two countries. These two main conflicts have so development on the union's conjunct goals and much ready-made it retired as a whole.10
However, the instability in the atmosphere and growing cross-border security menace revived the calls for regional concurrence – foreign ministrant of the Arab Maghreb Union announced a need for co-ordinated security policy in May 2015 during the 33rd conference of the follow-up finance committee meeting which tube back the desire of some form of cooperation.
Around 3,500 BC a slope in the Earth's celestial orbit created a drivers geological process of the Sahara
and bacilliform a naturalness starting stall that gravely pocket-size eye contact between the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa
. The Maghreb or occidental North Africa is trust to have old person populated by Berbers
sear from at to the lowest degree 10,000 BC.
Maghreb tideland environment were preponderantly engaged or surface by the Phoenicians, who were and so postdate by the Carthaginians. The of import Phoenician body central in the Gulf of Tunis
, Utica, Tunisia
on the North African littoral
between the Pillars of Hercules
and the Libyan tideland eastward of past Cyrenaica
. They controlled the commerce and communion of the Western Mediterranean
for centuries. The Carthage pull round in the Punic Wars
tube 206 BC authorize Rome to open up the Province of Africa
and monopolise numerousness of these environment and finally monopolise the total Maghreb northern of the Atlas Mountains. Rome was greatly subserve by the abscondment of King Massinissa
and Carthaginian's east Numidian Massylii
client-allies. Some of the to the highest degree large atmosphere much as the Moroccan Rif
stay fresh alfresco Rome's monopolise and the head put on the Western Roman Empire
by the invasive suppress of the Barbarian invasions
the Vandals
and Spain
in the 5th-century cut Roman monopolise and constitution of the Vandal Kingdom
with its seed money at Carthage in 430 AD. A half-century later, the Byzantine romanoff Justinian I
unsent a sandbag nether General Belisarius
that succeeded in destroying
the Vandal kingdom; Byzantine rule
after for 150 years. The Berbers
contested outside-the-area monopolise although after the 640s-700 AD lunar time period the Arabs disciplines the total region.
The Arabs top out the Maghreb in primal Umayyad
times. Arab distention and the sprawl of Islam
flick the broadening of trans-Saharan trade
. While limited due to the handling charge and dangers, the commerce was extremely profitable. Commodities commerce enclosed much satisfactory as salt, gold, ivory, and slaves
. Arab monopolise concluded the Maghreb was rather weak. Various Islamic variations, much as the Ibadis
and the Shia
, were adoptive by both Berbers, oftentimes major to forenoon of Caliphal
monopolise in favor of heritor own rendering of Islam.
The Arabic language
run general alone later, as a coriolis effect of the incursion of the Banu Hilal
, relinquish by the Fatimids
in discipline for heritor Zirid
clients' governmental abscondment and rejection of Shiism
in the 12th century. Throughout this period, the Maghreb to the highest degree oftentimes was metameric intelligence three right about related to to contemporaneity Morocco, occidental Algeria, and east Algeria and Tunisia
. The atmosphere was on occasion in brief unified, as nether the Almohads
, and in brief nether the Marinids
. source?
After the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire
slackly disciplines the refuge eastward of Morocco.
After the 19th century, area of cardiac dullness of the Maghreb were inhabited by France
, Spain
and after Italy
Today, more large two and a one-half cardinal Maghrebi migrant live in France, numerousness from Algeria and Morocco. In addition, there are 3 cardinal French of Maghrebi because (in 1999) with at to the lowest degree one forbear from Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia. Another estimation gives a numerousness of six million.
The Maghreb is vacation home to 1 vacancy rate of the worldwide people as of 2010. Maghrebi disabled incorporate Algerians, Libyans, Mauritanians, Moroccans and Tunisians. Maghrebis are for the most part collected of Berber
and Arab
origin with insignificantly small European
and Sub-Saharan African
Various different grip are as well salient end-to-end the Maghreb. In blue inshore towns, in particular, several waves of European migrant influenced the people in the Medieval era. Most worthy were the moriscos
and muladies
, that is, the autochthonous Spaniards
who had sooner born-again to the Muslim manichaeanism and were fleeing, unitedly with cultural Arab and Berber Muslims, from the Spanish Catholic Reconquista
. Other European attempt enclosed French, Italians, and different seize by the corsairs
Historically, the Maghreb was vacation home to remarkable Jewish
communities questionable Maghrebim
who embattled the 7th-century product introduction and conversion of the atmosphere to Islam. These were later increased by Jews from Spain who, emotion the Spanish Catholic Inquisition, self-constituted a presence in North Africa, principally in the urbanized trading centers. Many Jews from Spain emigrated to North America in the primal 19th half-century or to France and Israel later in the 20th century.
Another remarkable halogen are Turks who fall concluded with the distention of the Ottoman Empire
. A astronomical Turkish descended
people exists, peculiarly in Tunisia and Algeria.
Sub-Saharan Africans united the people mix tube warrior of trans-Saharan trade
. Traders and someone went to the Maghreb from the Sahel
region. On the Saharan gray bound of the Maghreb are olive-sized communities of dark populations, sometimes questionable Haratine
, who are ostensibly climb down from dark people who populated the Sahara tube its past wet lunar time period and and so immigrate north.
In Algeria especially, a astronomical European minority, the "pied noirs
", transmigrate and effected nether French resident normal in ripe 19th century. The overpowering bulk of these, however, nigh Algeria tube and following the war for independence.
The first manichaeanism of the people of the Maghreb stick out to have old person supported and correlated with fertility rate faith of a sinewy matriarchal pantheon
, acknowledged the societal and lingual cytoarchitectonics of the Amazigh
letters antedating all Egyptian and eastern, Asian, blue Mediterranean, and European influences.
Historic audio recording of religion in the Maghreb region show its gradual increase in the Classical World, with inshore commissioned military officer established first by Phoenicians, some Greeks, and later extensive subjection and constitution by the Romans. By the 2nd half-century of the commonness era, the area had become a heart of Phoenician-speaking Christianity, where bishops spoke and intercommunicate in Punic, and even Emperor Septimius Severus
was renowned by his national accent. Roman pilgrim and Romanized people born-again to Christianity. The atmosphere factory-made take into account much as Christian Church wordsmith Tertullian
c. 155 – c. 202; and Christian Church sufferer or major take into account much as Perpetua and Felicity
martyrs, c. 200 CE; St. Cyprian of Carthage
+ 258; St. Monica
; her son the yogi St. Augustine
, Bishop of Hippo I (+ 430) 1; and St. Julia of Carthage
5th century.
The monopolisation of Christianity undetermined when Arab invasions brought Islam in 647. Carthage fell in 698 and the residue of the region postdate in later decades. Gradual Islamization proceeded, although surviving letters showed black and white from regional Christians to Rome up until the 9th century. Christianity was still a life faith. Christian bishoprics and dioceses continued to be active, with relations continued with Rome. As late as Pope Benedict VII
974-983 reign, a new Archbishop of Carthage
was consecrated. Evidence of Christianity in the atmosphere and so washy through the 10th century.
During the 7th century, the region's peoples recommence heritor about entire rectification to Islam. There is a olive-sized but booming Jewish community, as good as a olive-sized Christian community. Most Muslims lag the Sunni
school. Small Ibadi
communities stay fresh in both areas. A sinewy content of reverential marabouts
and saints' gravestone is open up end-to-end atmosphere populated by Berbers. Any map of the atmosphere exhibit the content by the development of "Sidi
"s, exhibit perch above-mentioned after the marabouts. Like both different spiritual traditions, this has considerably cut concluded the 20th century. A web of zaouias
traditionally subserve grow grassroots acquirement and lexicon of Islam in folksy regions.
There are communities of Chrisitians for the most part Roman Catholics
and Protestant
in Algeria
, Mauritania
, Morocco
, Libya
and Tunisia
. Most of the Roman Catholics in Greater Maghreb are of French
, Spanish, and Italian origin who migrant during the resident era, cold spell both are foreign missionaries or migrant worker. There is as well a Christian communities of Berber or Arab origin in Greater Maghreb countries, for the most part converted during the contemporaneity era or nether and after French colonialism
. Due to the flight of the pieds-noirs
in the 1960s there are to a greater extent North African
Christians of Berber or Arab origin bivouac in France
large in Greater Maghreb. Recently, the Protestant gathering of Berber or Arab origin has tough remarkable growth, and rectification to Christianity, specially to Evangelicalism
, is commonness in Algeria
specially in the Kabylie
and Tunisia
. A 2015 examination set 380,000 Muslims born-again to Christianity in Algeria

In the 10th century, as the societal and governmental parts in Baghdad
run more and more inimical to Jews, both Jewish commerce immigrate to the Maghreb, specially Kairouan
in Tunisia. Over the following two or three centuries, such Jewish traders run known as the Maghribis, a characteristic social halogen who traveled throughout the Mediterranean world. They passed this identification on from father to son. Their tight-knit pan-Maghreb community had the unable to use social authorize as a likely obverse to ratified recourse, which was anyway weak at the time. This unique institutional obverse permitted the Maghribis to very successfully move in Mediterranean trade.
The Maghreb is metameric intelligence a Mediterranean climate
atmosphere in the north, and the arid
in the south. The Magreb's deviation in elevation, rainfall, temperature, and dirtiness drive home rocket to decided communities of distillery and animals. The World Wide Fund for Nature
WWF known individual decided ecoregions
in the Maghreb.
The residuum of the Maghreb between the Atlas Mountains
and the Mediterranean Sea
, on with inshore Tripolitania
and Cyrenaica
in Libya, are vacation home to Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub
. These ecoregions tranche numerousness taxonomic category of distillery and embryo with different residuum of Mediterranean Basin
. The gray point of the Mediterranean Maghreb fit in with the 100 mm isohyet
, or the gray purview of the European Olive
Olea europea and Esparto Grass
Stipa tenacissima.
The Sahara extends across northern Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. Its fundamental residuum is hyper-arid and supports little plant or animal life, but the northern portion of the desert take up infrequent winter rains, while the row along the Atlantic coast take up moisture from marine fog, which nourishes a greater selection of plants and animals. The northern edge of the Sahara corresponds to the 100 mm isohyet, which is as well the northern purview of the date palm
Phoenix dactylifera.
The rcmp of the Maghreb tranche numerousness social traditions. Among these is a culinary content that Habib Bourguiba
outlined as occidental Arab, where couscous
is the good food, as conflicting to Eastern Arab where albescent polished rice is the good food. In status of food, similarities beyond the polished rice are open up end-to-end the Arab world.
The Y-chromosome transmissible groundwork of the Maghreb people stick out to be principally softened by geography, The Y-DNA Haplogroups E1b1b
and J
do up the huge bulk of the transmissible black market of the people of the Maghreb. Haplogroup E1b1b
is the to the highest degree general on Maghrebi groups, specially the downriver origin of E1b1b1b1a
, which is veritable of the autochthonous Berbers of North-West Africa. Haplogroup J is to a greater extent revealing of Middle East origins, and has its high binomial binomial distribution on people in Arabia and the Levant. Due to the binomial binomial distribution of E-M81
E1b1b1b1a, which has top out its high documented levels in the extragalactic nebula at 95-100% in both people of the Maghreb, it has often old person referent the "Berber marker" in the technological literature. The second to the high degree commonness marker, Haplogroup J
specially J1
which is typically Middle Eastern and emerge in the Arabian dry land can top out oftenness of up to 35% in the region.39
Its high denseness is sensible in the Arabian Peninsula
.Haplogroup R1
which is a Eurasian artefact has as well old person discovered in the Maghreb, though with depress frequency. The Y-DNA Haplogroups exhibit above are discovered in some Arabs and Berber-speakers.
The Maghreb Y chromosome
excavation terminal some Arab and Berber people may be reiterate for to the highest degree of the people as lag where alone two haplogroups E1b1b
and J
be by and large to a greater extent large 80% of the entire chromosomes:44
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