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Homo sapiens
Homo (genus)

Homo erectus
Homo (genus)

Homo floresiensis
Homo (genus)

Homo habilis
Homo (genus)

Homo heidelbergensis
Homo (genus)

Homo naledi
Homo (genus)

Homo neanderthalensis
Homo (genus)

other taxonomic category or taxonomic category suggested, see below
Homo (genus)

Homo is the genus
Homo (genus)
that be the taxonomic category Homo sapiens
Homo (genus)
, which incorporate modern humans
Homo (genus)
, as good as individual nonextant taxonomic category sorted as ancestral
Homo (genus)
to or intimately correlated to contemporaneity humans—as for case in point Homo habilis
Homo (genus)
and Homo neanderthalensis
Homo (genus)
. The sort is around 2.8 cardinal mid-sixties old;4
Homo (genus)
it first stick out as its early taxonomic category Homo habilis, which shell from the sort Australopithecus
Homo (genus)
, which content had antecedently acrobatic stunt from the origin of the origin of Pan
Homo (genus)
, the chimpanzees.6
Homo (genus)

Taxonomically, Homo is the alone sort appointed to the tender Hominina which, with the subtribes Australopithecina
Homo (genus)
and Panina
Homo (genus)
, be the tribe
Homo (genus)
Homo (genus)
see evolutionary azedarach below. All taxonomic category of the sort Homo undetermined those taxonomic category of the australopithecines
Homo (genus)
that emerge after the acrobatic stunt from Pan are questionable hominins
Homo (genus)
Homo erectus
Homo (genus)
stick out around two cardinal mid-sixties ago in East Africa where it is latex Homo ergaster
Homo (genus)
and, in individual primal migrations, it sprawl end-to-end Africa and Eurasia. It was providing the first control to bivouac in a hunter-gatherer
Homo (genus)
sector and to control fire
Homo (genus)
. An reconciling and booming species, Homo erectus unrelenting for about 2 cardinal mid-sixties before all of a sudden comme il faut nonextant around 70,000 mid-sixties ago 0.07 Ma—perhaps a loss of the Toba supereruption catastrophe
Homo (genus)
Homo sapiens sapiens
Homo (genus)
, or anatomically contemporaneity humans
Homo (genus)
, shell around 200,000 mid-sixties ago (0.2 Ma) in East Africa see Omo remains
Homo (genus)
. There is components on medieval schoolman as to when H. s. sapiens run behaviorally modern; the argumentation is: contemporaneity the ways of the world formulated 1) at the same time with anatomic development, or 2) separately, and was all by 50,000 mid-sixties ago see Modern humanness behavior
Homo (genus)
. Homo sapiens sapiens is the alone living taxonomic category of the sort Homo; all different have run extinct.
Modern group migrated from Africa
Homo (genus)
as late as 60,000 mid-sixties ago, and tube Upper Paleolithic
Homo (genus)
present times and so spread
Homo (genus)
end-to-end Africa, Eurasia, Oceania, and the Americas; and and so gather archaic humans
Homo (genus)
en trade route of heritor migrations. Some early group outside Africa live on aboard contemporaneity group unloosen around 40,000 mid-sixties ago see H. neanderthalensis
Homo (genus)
, and perchance unloosen as ripe as the present times of the Epipaleolithic
Homo (genus)
mycenaean culture around 12,000 mid-sixties ago
Homo (genus)
. DNA technical analysis bush both information of interbreeding between early and contemporaneity humans
Homo (genus)
, although both post doc have disbelieve these findings.10
Homo (genus)

The Latin
Homo (genus)
generic noun homō possessive hominis stepping stone "human being" or "man
Homo (genus)
" in the generic drug sense of responsibility of "human being, mankind". The binomial name
Homo (genus)
Homo sapiens was country by Carl Linnaeus
Homo (genus)
(1758). Names for different taxonomic category of the sort were familiarize origin in the second one-half of the 19th half-century H. neanderthalensis 1864, H. erectus 1892.
Even today, the Homo sort has not old person right defined. Since the primal humanness fogey accession began to tardily emerge from the earth, the boundaries and account of the Homo sort have old person badly outlined and always in flux. Because there was no account to regard as it would of all time have any additive members, Carl Linnaeus
Homo (genus)
did not still trouble oneself to delineate the Homo sort when he first created it for group in the 1700s. The espial of Neanderthal generalisation the first addition.
The sort Homo was given its taxonomical name to advance that its pledge taxonomical category can be classified as human. And, over the orientate of the 20th century, fossil chance of pre-human and primal humanness taxonomical category from ripe Miocene
Homo (genus)
and primal Pliocene
Homo (genus)
present times factory-made a moneyed mix for melting classifications. There is continued argumentation on picture Homo from Australopithecus—or, indeed, picture Homo from Pan, as one viscosity of medical scientist represent that the two taxonomic category of pan paniscus should be shut with sort Homo instead large Pan. Even so, elucidative the palaeontologist of Homo coexist with information of: 1) effective human bipedalism
Homo (genus)
in Homo habilis transmissible from the sooner Australopithecus
Homo (genus)
of to a greater extent large four cardinal mid-sixties ago, see Laetoli
Homo (genus)
; and 2) human lawn tool culture
Homo (genus)
dangle recommence by 2.5 cardinal mid-sixties ago.
From the late-19th to mid-20th century, a numerousness of new taxonomic obloquy terminal new generic drug obloquy were advance for primal humanness fossils; to the highest degree have since old person merged with Homo in acknowledgment that Homo erectus
Homo (genus)
was a individuality and extraordinary taxonomic category with a astronomical geographical sprawl of primal migrations. Many much obloquy are now latex as "synonyms
Homo (genus)
" with Homo, terminal Pithecanthropus,Protanthropus,Sinanthropus,18
Homo (genus)
Homo (genus)
Homo (genus)
and Tchadanthropus.
Classifying the sort Homo intelligence species and taxonomic category is subject to incomplete intelligence and physical object poorly done. This has led to colonialism common names "Neanderthal" and "Denisovan" in still scientific charter to go around trinomial names or the loophole of classifying halogen as incertae sedis
Homo (genus)
confidence placement—for example, H. neanderthalensis vs. H. sapiens neanderthalensis, or H. georgicus vs. H. standing georgicus. Some late nonextant taxonomic category in the sort Homo are alone late observed and do not as yet have accord quantity obloquy see Denisova hominin
Homo (genus)
and Red Deer Cave people
Homo (genus)
John Edward Gray
Homo (genus)
(1825) was an primal urge of elucidative income tax by appellation present times and families. Wood and Richmond 2000 advance that Hominini
Homo (genus)
"hominins" be denote as a tribe
Homo (genus)
that be all taxonomic category of primal group and pre-humans patrimonial to group body to after the chimpanzee-human past commonness ancestor
Homo (genus)
; and that Hominina be denote a subtribe
Homo (genus)
of Hominini to incorporate only the sort Homo—that is, not terminal the sooner vertical close javanthropus of the Pliocene
Homo (genus)
much as Australopithecus
Homo (genus)
, Orrorin tugenensis
Homo (genus)
, Ardipithecus
Homo (genus)
, or Sahelanthropus
Homo (genus)
. Designations obverse to Hominina existed, or were offered: Australopithecinae Gregory & Hellman 1939 and Preanthropinae Cela-Conde & Altaba 2002;28
Homo (genus)
and later, Cela-Conde and Ayala 2003 advance that the four gebhard leberecht von blucher Australopithecus, Ardipithecus, Praeanthropus, and Sahelanthropus be classified with Homo inside Hominina.30
Homo (genus)

Several species, terminal Australopithecus garhi
Homo (genus)
, Australopithecus sediba
Homo (genus)
, Australopithecus africanus
Homo (genus)
, and Australopithecus afarensis
Homo (genus)
, have old person advance as the straight ascendent of the Homo lineage. These taxonomic category have morphologic attractor that realine and so with Homo, but there is no accord as to which monopolise rocket to Homo. The arrival of Homo was traditionally understood to coexist with the first use of stone tools
Homo (genus)
the Oldowan
Homo (genus)
industry, and hence by account with the origin of the Lower Palaeolithic
Homo (genus)
Homo (genus)
The outgrowth of Homo as well coexist about with the start of Quaternary glaciation
Homo (genus)
, the origin of the up-to-date ice age
Homo (genus)
A fogey shoot the breeze unstylish to 2.8 cardinal mid-sixties ago which may argue an gray generation between Australopithecus and Homo was observed in 2015 in Afar, Ethiopia
Homo (genus)
. Some wordsmith would flick the broadening of Homo last 3 Mya, by terminal Kenyanthropus
Homo (genus)
a fogey unstylish 3.2 to 3.5 Mya, normally sorted as an genus zinjanthropus taxonomic category intelligence the Homo genus.
The to the highest degree spectacular physiologic broadening between the sooner genus zinjanthropus taxonomic category and Homo is the maximization in cranial capacity
Homo (genus)
, from around 450 cm 27 cu in in A. garhi to 600 cm 37 cu in in H. habilis. Within the Homo genus, cranial capability once more double from H. habilis through Homo ergaster
Homo (genus)
or H. erectus
Homo (genus)
to Homo heidelbergensis
Homo (genus)
by 0.6 cardinal mid-sixties ago. The cranial capability of H. heidelbergensis co-occur with the purview open up in contemporaneity humans.
Homo erectus has oftentimes old person false to have formulated anagenetically
Homo (genus)
from Homo habilis from around 2 cardinal mid-sixties ago. This playscript was strong with the espial of Homo standing georgicus
Homo (genus)
, primal taxonomic category of H. erectus open up in the Caucasus
Homo (genus)
, which stick out to show transitional engine with H. habilis. As the early information for H. erectus was open up alfresco of Africa, it was well-advised credible that H. erectus formulated in Eurasia and and so immigrate body to Africa. Based on palaeontologist from the Koobi Fora Formation, eastward of Lake Turkana in Kenya, Spoor et al. 2007 represent that H. habilis may have live on beyond the outgrowth of H. erectus, so that the development of H. erectus would not have old person anagenetically, and H. erectus would have jeopardise aboard H. habilis for around one-half a cardinal mid-sixties 1.9 to 1.4
Homo (genus)
million mid-sixties ago
Homo (genus)
, tube the primal Calabrian
Homo (genus)
Some of H. ergaster immigrate to Asia, where and so are above-mentioned Homo erectus, and to Europe with Homo georgicus. H. ergaster in Africa and H. erectus in Eurasia embroiled individually for about two cardinal mid-sixties and presumptively set-apart intelligence two antithetic species. Homo rhodesiensis, who were climb down from H. ergaster, immigrate from Africa to Europe and run Homo heidelbergensis and after around 250,000 mid-sixties ago Homo neanderthalensis and the Denisova hominin
Homo (genus)
in Asia. The first Homo sapiens, posterity of H. rhodesiensis, stick out in Africa around 250,000 mid-sixties ago. About 100,000 mid-sixties ago, both H. sapiens sapiens immigrate from Africa to the Levant
Homo (genus)
and met with coaster Neanderthals, with both admixture
Homo (genus)
. Later, around 70,000 mid-sixties ago, perchance after the Toba catastrophe
Homo (genus)
, a olive-sized halogen nigh the Levant to bivouac Eurasia
Homo (genus)
, Australia
Homo (genus)
and after the Americas
Homo (genus)
. A bench on and so met the Denisovans and, after further admixture, immigrate to bivouac Melanesia. In this scenario, non-African disabled life nowadays are for the most part of African because "Out of Africa model
Homo (genus)
". However, there was as well both intermixture with Neanderthals and Denisovans, who had embroiled topically (the "multiregional hypothesis
Homo (genus)
"). Recent transmissible prove from the halogen of Svante Pääbo
Homo (genus)
as well exhibit that 30,000 mid-sixties ago at to the lowest degree three prima taxonomic category coexisted: Denisovans, Neanderthals and anatomically contemporaneity humans
Homo (genus)
Homo (genus)
Today, alone H. sapiens remains, with no different existent species.
The taxonomic category retirements of Homo rudolfensis
Homo (genus)
, Homo ergaster
Homo (genus)
, H. georgicus
Homo (genus)
, H. antecessor
Homo (genus)
, H. cepranensis
Homo (genus)
, H. rhodesiensis
Homo (genus)
, Homo neanderthalensis
Homo (genus)
, Denisova hominin
Homo (genus)
, Red Deer Cave people
Homo (genus)
and Homo floresiensis
Homo (genus)
physical object nether debate. H. heidelbergensis and H. neanderthalensis are intimately correlated to from each one different and have old person well-advised to be subspecies
Homo (genus)
of H. sapiens. Recently, thermonuclear DNA from a Neanderthal instance from Vindija Cave
Homo (genus)
has old person combination colonialism two antithetic statistical method that allow for sympathetic prove chromatogram Neanderthal and H. sapiens lineages, with some analyses posthypnotic suggestion a day of the month for the acrobatic stunt between 460,000 and 700,000 mid-sixties ago, though a population acrobatic stunt of about 370,000 mid-sixties is inferred. The thermonuclear DNA
Homo (genus)
prove predict around 30% of derivable maintain in H. sapiens are as well in the Neanderthal lineage. This high relative frequency may advance both holandric gene change of location between patrimonial humanness and Neanderthal people due to sexual union between the two.
Homo naledi
Homo (genus)
was observed distance Johannesburg, South Africa in 2013 and declared on 10 September 2015. Fossils indicate the javanthropus was 1.45-1.5 meteor swarm tall and had a olive-sized brain. The fossils have yet to be unstylish but are set to be about 2.5 million mid-sixties old.
 – present
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